Danang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF 2018


Sharing the fireworks shows of teams from France and the US, the second night of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2018 was held around the Han River on May 26th.


All singing and dancing performed by Vietnamese artists and students of the Phan Chau Trinh High School for the theme of “time”. And this is the second night since the opening on April 30th.


To celebrate the friendship between the French and Vietnamese, the show performed by team  Féerie from France combined beautiful music performance, and splendid fireworks show to amuse the audience.  


In the sky, a wonderful vision show drew by the team of Atlas PyroVision from the US, an amazing fireworks bridges crossing the sky to arouse the dreams and ambitions.


The teams Da Nang of Vietnam and Surex Firma Rodzinna of Poland provided their first fireworks show in the DIFF 2018. 


As the two best teams of fireworks show in the world, the teams from Italy and Hong Kong (China) will continue to provide amazing fireworks shows on June 2nd, and after that, the team Sweden and Portugal will provide the most splendid performance of fireworks on June 9th.


Although the festival’s overall theme is “ the legend of bridges”, there also individual theme titles for each fireworks evening, like Love, Time, Happiness, Desire, and Friendship.


This annual fireworks event since 2008, and become a charming feature of Da Nang city.


Right on the second day of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival on Saturday, fireworks teams from France and the US competed in the show.


By delivery a message of friendship and cultural connectivity between France and Vietnam, the  Feerie team provide a harmony classic symphony with music and fireworks. And bring the best experience for all the audience from all over the world.


To create the best vision and imagination effects for the past and present, with more than 600 firework cakes and barrages, Atlas Pyro Vision team make different performances for different background music for both old and contemporary music. The Da Nang’s night sky was painting with bridges to dream and aspirations for different nations around the world.


“For the first time and forever, I never watched such an impressive and beautiful music and fireworks performance in my life. It combined fireworks and music and create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone in the show” a Vietnam audience said.


Danang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF 2018 begins from April 30, 2018, for two months to June 30, 2018.

Fireworks teams from Vietnam, Poland, France, the US, Italy, Hong Kong, Sweden and Portugal, total 8 teams attended.


There would be series competitions nights for 5 different themes, including Love, Time, Happiness, Desires, and Friendship, while “Legends of Bridges” was the title of the whole festival event. After opening ceremony held on the night of April 30th, the following competitions were between the France team and the US on May 26th, 2018. And Italy - Hongkong Sar will be on June 2nd. Sweden and Portugal will follow on June 9th. The best teams of 8, will have a fierce and outstanding fireworks show for the final round for the first and second prizes on June 30th,


In tandem with much other vibrant performance. Across the main streets of the city, consist of 12 flow carts symbolizing 12 bridges of Danang, and 8 participating countries will march and provide performance for the“Street art carnival 2018”. And“Four seasons of flavors”food festival with several hundred of dishes from different regions of Vietnam also held in the same period.


Many famous artist and actors from Vietnam and Poland will attend the rehearsal with the authorities of Danang and representatives of the city’s departments.


In the spotlight of stage, over 2,000sqm open space, there would be various unique LED light effects, heart touching water music and performances by veteran artists, who would provide most popular songs like  “The power of dream”, “The sun of a new day”“Beautiful Vietnam” and many other popular songs with a truly overwhelming and heavily atmosphere.