Fireworks Sparklers Making Machine

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Fireworks sparklers making machine, or fireworks sparklers maker is controlled with PLC control system to achieve full automatic operation for making firework sparklers, efficiently increase production speed and cut down labor cost effectively. The whole process includes metal wire tidying, metal wire dosing and sparklers coating & injecting.

User can adjust sparklers making speed and capacity by controlling the advanced frequency converter and adjustable speed motor.
Metal wire dosing apply advanced technology of stepping motor and pneumatic rim clamp, which effectively in preventing wire jamming.
Apply multi-way water-cooling system to improve fireworks quality and utilization rate of raw materials and reduce cost of fireworks production.
Good looking appearance, low energy consumption and noise
This sparklers making machine can work with metal wire straightening and cutting machine, which is the best choice of fireworks sparklers maker in China.
Model: YFS-2

Input watt: 1.6kw
Sparklers specs: Φ2.5-3mm sparklers diameter
Capacity: 120 pcs/min
Stick dosing machine:430 x 1,200 x 830mm
fireworks making machine: 730 x 730 x 1,050mm
N.W.: 180kg
Click here for machine runnning video

FAQ for sparklers making machine:

1 . Firework powder recipe available?
Yes, it will be free to provide after having customers' order.
Also available to buy powder from the power suppliers.

2. How long and how to dry these sparklers sticks after production?
Normally dry with the sun shine, it will take about 2 or 3 hours for drying.
sparkler making machine for fireworks sparklers
sparkler maker
3. What's the thickness of a layer of fireworks powder coating on a wire and whether it can be regulated?
The regular diameter of wire stick is about 1mm, and diameter of ready fireworks sticks is about 3.0-4.0 mm, so the thickness of a layer of fireworks powder is about 1.0-1.5mm.

4. How to mix or blend the fireworks powders before making sparklers?
Mixing fireworks powder as per the user manual instruction, which will provide enough viscosity for the powder also guarantee no sparks happen during blending or cause to any security incident.

5. What volume of machine hopper for loading fireworks powder?
The volume of powder loader of this making machine is 30-50kgs, that's you can put 30-50 kgs of powder at one time into this firework sticks making machine for production.

6 . What kind of metal wire sticks can be used for making fireworks sparklers handheld sticks.
Regularly our machine can fit for wire diameter in 1-3.0mm, with special design it can reach 5.0mm.
Regular length of wire will be 120-500mm.

7.  Production capacity.
For 100kgs powder, the production capacity is 30000 pieces for sparkler size (wire diameter 1cm, ready sparkler diameter 4cm, and coating length 13cm, wire length 24cm)

PLC controlling panel of sparkler making machine
Controlling panel
Spare parts of sparkler making machine
Spare parts
Spare parts list

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