Metal Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

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Before sparklers making machine start to making sparklers sticks, metal wire straightening cutting machinewill be used for straightening and cutting all kinds of metal wire with certain length, including cold welding steel, galvanizing wire, and other metallic wire. 
This machine combines with wire straightening system, feeding structure, and cutting structure. Wire is fed in working position and cut off with a certain length automatically. 
Impact structure design, convenient and stable in operation and maintenance, only need one person for operation, high efficiency. Good choice for wire cutting industry.
wire cutting machine for sparkler making machine
wire straightening and cutting machine

Model: SC1-3
Input watt: 0.75kw
Sparklers specs: Φ1-3mm sparklers diameter
Length range: 30mm~1800mm
Dimensions: 3150×500×450mm
N.W.: 200kg

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FAQ for wire straigthening and cutting machine:

1. It combines with machine frame, straightening structure, feeding structure, cutting structure, linear gun, and wire spool.

2. Straightening structure including straightening axle, straightening presser, and axle bases. The straighten process is driven and completed with motor and conveyor belt.

3. Feeding structure combines two groups of pressing wheels, driven with motor, conveyor belt and chain, pressing wheel working in synchronism.
In operation, the wire is through the trunking and move forward with friction force. The feeding speed can be adjusted with a mechanical spring on the pressing wheel frame, and its max speed will be the max feeding speed in linear direction.
Moreover, pressure on the spring should be adjusted basing on the diameter rigidity of wire, to assure the best straightening effect and production efficiency.

4) Wire spool combines wire spool, axle, wire stopping bar, basement etc. it can work continuously and automatically.

wire cutting machine for sparkler maker
Straightening gun


wire cutter for sparklers making machine
wire roll holder                                                                     
wire cutting machine for sparkler maker
  wire cutting machine molds

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