Sparklers Powder Mixer

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Sparklers Powder Mixing Machine

Sparklers powder mixing machine can be used to mix the fireworks powder with the rotation of the blender cam, the inner and outer material will be completely and effectively mixed . Good sealing, smooth operation, less noise. Contact material barrel and impeller are imported stainless steel, maintenance convenient and quickly. To complete a automatic production line for the fireworks sparklers, sparkler powder mixing machine can work with sparklers making machine, which will greatly save labor cost, have much better blending effect for raw material, and assure the ready sparklers have better shapes, more smooth surface, neat looking and beautiful
powder mixer for sparkler making machine

Model: JB-1
Input watt: 2.2kw
Mixing volume: 0.6m3
Mixing speed: 6 times/hour
Dimensions: 1,600x650x770mm
N.W.: 160kg

Model: JB-2
Input watt: 1.5kw
Mixing volume: 0.25m3
Mixing speed: 3 times/hour
Dimensions: 920x900x700mm
N.W.: 88kg

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