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For the purchase of production or service, Steplead website provides certain information for visitors, also reserve the right to revise, or remove any content of them without any notice temporarily or permanently. And there is no warranty would be provided by Steplead to assure the permanent availability of these contents.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the datas on Steplead website, including the products information, brands, and any other content related to Steplead International Co.,Ltd.belongs to Steplead company only, and will not be copied, or save for any commercial purpose. For any private, non-commercial use, will require to have written approval of Steplead.

Steplead owns the copyright of all content on the site, which created by the Steplead, any information of Steplead's site is protected by international copyright laws and regulations. Anyone use Steplead's information for any purpose without having permission of the Steplead, Steplead will hold the right for any legal action against relative laws or regulations.

Privacy terms

Steplead admits, respect and protect the personal information provided to the Steplead, and right of privacy in accordance with the law of the people’s Republic of China.

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