Auto Wire Planting Machine for Fireworks Sparklers Production

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Stick/wire planting machine, stick/wire arranging machine, sticks/wires inserting machine

Function description
Following traditional sparklers production procedure, this machine will help to plant wires into wooden plate automatically, cut off labor cost. Then worker remove planted wires from the machine manually, for chemical dipping process.  From wire sorting, feeding, to planting, it would be fully automatic operation. Worker only need to put wires into wire hopper, then wait for moving planted plate out of machine.  



  • This machine controlled with touch screen and PLC microchip system, fully automatic operation.
  • Adopts high speed servo motor, high speed pulse and compact robot arm to realize high speed transmission and accurate orientation between different working stations.
  • Adopts professional advanced clamping technique for wire feeding, working with speed motor, to greatly decrease wire jam errors in feeding.
  • Multi-ways wire feeding, increase wire feeding quality and efficiency, greatly reducing production cost.
  • Low energy consumption, low working noise, no dust, environmental friendly , easy to clean, luxury looking with top grade quality.
  • Simple operation and monitoring, high output speed, less labor needed, high working efficiency.
  • Good to replace traditional wire planting manual operation procedure, and suitable for small and middle size sparklers production plants.


Working principle

  1. Switch on air leakage protection and turn on emergency switch, then machine connected with power supply, PLC on, and whole machine ready for automatic operation condition.
  2. Move wooden plates to the working position, start the machine, wires separating and feeding with driving motor, which controlled with AC contactor. With wire sorting feeding structure, wires enter into each working station.

There are total 10 working stations,

No.1 sort and feed,

No.2 separate and orient,

No.3 Line up for entering,

No.4 reverse wires,

No.5 move into right position,

No.6 clamp wires,

No. 7 tidy up and orientate,

No.8 push forward,

No.9 plant wires into plate,

No.10 clamp wires.

The working cycle repeats.



  1. How many bars for the wooden shutter: 13 bars for 12 rows of wires
  1. How many pieces of wire for each shutter: Three minutes for planting each shutter, and 360 pcs for each shutter.
  1. What kind of wood material for the bars: Cedar wood
  1. Would Steplead provide customer Cedar wooden bars:Yes, it would be no problem for Steplead to provide Cedar wooden bars.
  1. How many workers needed for run a machine:One worker needed, including:
    change wooden shutter =》press start button =》planting wires automatically =》tighten wires when taking off from machine =》take shutter to stocking position =》replace new shutter =》feed wires into hopper every 8-10 minutes.


Additional Info

  • Specification:






    Wire specification

    Diameter:0.7-3.0mm,Length:156-498 mm

    Planting speed

    3 min per shutter (360 pcs of wires)




    AC 220V/380V  50/60 HZ

    Working air pressure



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