Innovative STEPLEAD, how to stir "still water" of toy fireworks

Innovative STEPLEAD, how to stir "still water" of toy fireworks

Trying to prove what most people are doubting today is the only way for an innovator, though it is difficult, this is innovation, this is progress, which is what innovation China is doing! Thanks to history, let us live in such a great era!

In recent years, the public's attention to fireworks and firecrackers seems to be more focused on safety and environmental protection. The difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart., and public knowledge of fireworks and firecrackers is far from enough. Concerns about environmental protection and safety are also good intentions. Everyone is trying to use a closed "antagonistic" thinking to solve the problem, through the legal approach to against the government related departments, through the folk experts to cry out and so on.

STEPLEAD, from the perspective of creative thinking and critical thinking, discovered that industrialized manufacturing has brought about a “blowout” growth in the production value of fireworks companies. “Industrialized production” will inevitably bring up industrial consumption, reject imagination, and exclude thinking, and further The technological innovations are lackluster. It is this conservative business strategy, coupled with the public’s growing awareness of environmental protection and safety, that the fireworks have lost the market step by step. However, intelligence and mechanization for production are not the “remedies” to solve the problem of overcapacity of fireworks and firecrackers, and the ban cannot be resolved from its roots.

The recession in the market proves a simple market principle. Enterprises cannot follow the consumers. Instead, We should walk in front of consumers and become market leaders. If there is no corresponding product innovation, marketing penetration and channel construction, Liuyang Fireworks, the “national brand,” may eventually decline.

As early as 2015, STEPLEAD led the team in the United States, Japan, Italy, Germany and other 12 major fireworks sales and domestic 17 provinces conducted a toy fireworks market research, analysis of the current firms of toy fireworks. We found that toy fireworks in developed regions such as Western Europe and North America accounted for 45%-75% of the total fireworks. Toy fireworks in developing countries such as Southeast Asia and South America accounted for 15%-30% of total fireworks. Toy fireworks account for less than 5% of the total fireworks. The Chinese toy fireworks market will increase rapidly at a rate of 30% in the future.

For a long time before the naming of toy fireworks, the industry referred to it as a “small product” that has been inherited and developed for thousands of years. Parallel to firecrackers, it is the foundation of the fireworks and firecracker industry in China. Its characteristics are a high safety factor, strong play-ability, deep cultural connotation, and strong craft attributes. STEPLEAD is the main producing area of fireworks and firecrackers traditional small products, with over 5,000 varieties and a trading volume of about 1.2 billion yuan. At present, six traditional small products such as "parachute", "wipe to ground cannon", "earth flower" and "magic fireworks" have been included in the list of Liuyang Fireworks traditional protection products. Due to the influence of bad consumption concepts in the past, the market pursued “more and more stimulating, bigger and more faceful”, causing a serious imbalance in the current fireworks industry structure. The sales of industrialized combination fireworks that appeared in the late 1980s now occupy the half of fireworks market, which has caused the loss of small products and is constantly out of touch with consumers. The public’s concept of fireworks and firecrackers only stays on large-scale fireworks, and little is known about small fireworks products.

One of the two unavoidable facts is that this ancient rich industry, which has a great influence on the 400,000-strong workers of Liuyang, has no room for reproduction. Second, the firework culture has been removed and the soul has been removed. So far, no habitat has been found. As the fireworks and firecracker industry's policy requirements on safety, environmental protection, science and technology and innovation are further deepened, the unique advantages of small products will form new growth points and breakthrough in the fireworks industry, and also usher in opportunities and challenges.

How to break through the "bottleneck" of the policy of restricting the release of restrictions, and let small products really go out. It must be in line with international practice, reshape the small product industry, create a new concept, give the small product a living name, that is toy fireworks. This is essentially a qualitative leap in small products.

In 2017, the "China Consumer Survey Report" released by McKinsey showed that between now and 2030, young people aged between 17 and 27 will contribute more than 20% of China's total consumption growth, which is higher than any other population category. It accounts for 16% of China's total population. The main body of market consumption is changing. The consumer groups facing fireworks, and fireworks are no longer 70's and 80's. Instead, We are born in the “digital natives” of the Internet age. We grow in an era of more affluent and more choices. Has a high degree of brand loyalty and is willing to try new things.

In the past, traditional single fireworks products could not meet the needs of the consumer market. Fire safety, environmental protection, fun, intellectual education, and interactive toy fireworks emerged. Through strategies such as differentiation and quality improvement, we closely followed the needs of the times and increased the cultural charm of our products. Through the deep integration of modern, fashionable, interesting, interactive, cultural and IP-related modern elements and traditional fireworks culture, we have developed the functional creativity, appearance and creativity of the fireworks, and the creative methods of experience, aiming at designing products for young children. Its advancement and creativity are in harmony with the ideas of modern children and give them different surprises. The sale of fireworks products has opened up a market gap, and the market has great potential. The toy fireworks at this time will also become childhood memories of that time, and with the "memory" blessing, the "vital power" of the fireworks will come, which also shows that traditional culture is our inalienable wealth.

STEPLEAD's positioning is mainly based on traditional fireworks culture and modern technological innovation, focusing on children's toy fireworks market applications, independent research, and development of creative, interesting, intelligent, safe, cultural children's toy fireworks products, to create a new model marketing concept and complete industrial ecological chain.

There is passion inside, and the outside is still tolerant. From the research of the global toy fireworks market to the positioning of products, the research and development, and the design of business models, each step of the STEPLEAD team's pursuit of dreams has become a self-leap. It is in the process of self-improvement and problem solving that it has created a unique STEPLEAD. Even in the entire fireworks industry, STEPLEAD has demonstrated the vision that many traditional companies do not have. Every product of STEPLEAD has been given the attribute of playing. Fireworks with the highest safety factor are selected to make fireworks. Famous universities and famous enterprises like Tsinghua University, Milan Art Institute, and Huawei Technologies invite heavyweight R&D teams to use the concept of modern toys. Conduct product design and development, use fireworks as the basis of toys, make toys an extension of fireworks, and properly integrate fireworks culture elements into lively and close-to-the-age innovations, design minimal risks, and children can participate in the safety of experience with Toy fireworks.

STEPLEAD products are mainly divided into four systems: scientific and technological intelligence, scenario products, cultural creativity, and happy gift packages. At present, the company has developed more than 100 products, forming Shenzhen as a creative R&D center and Changsha as a brand model center. Liuyang is the matrix layout of the marketing center. The company will maintain the R&D of 100 new products each year and mass-produce 50 new products.

While the traditional fireworks companies are still entertaining themselves in closed circles, STEPLEAD Toy Fireworks is trying to break the “curse” of fireworks annual sales, achieving no off-season for the whole year. This year will launch a retail shop to create a new retail of toy fireworks. A series of high-end, personality, visual impact store design and product display racks, while also integrating flowers, cakes, and other products, give consumers a cultural experience, fireworks culture should be a happy culture, open culture. Consumers will love toy fireworks when there is a new kind of connection between experience, emotion, and shopping. We need to be happy and call for happiness. This is the background for the growth of the post-00s. Eventually, this generation of happy people is coming.

In November 2017, STEPLEAD's thinking concept planning was successfully implemented into the market. In Shaoyang, Hunan, the trial operation was completed and successful. In more than 10 days, more than 100 retail points were signed.

If you want to know the taste of crabs, you must taste it yourself. The problem is who dares to be the first person to do it? Before every new thing is born, an insistence is needed, but the path of persistence is not easy. Whether it is the publicity barriers or the country's lack of more detailed classification management and licensing management of fireworks products, whether toy fireworks can regain consumer recognition or leave consumers or products. It is reasonable to expect that the successful retrogression of the fireworks-based innovation company represented by STEPLEAD indicates that the fireworks industry will be differentiated and the segmented market will soon come. Only good products are differentiated, identified, and finally reflected in fair market pricing. Only in this way can We form a well-ordered competition to provide continuous protection for the upgrading of the fireworks industry. This is in line with market justice and it is also a commercial society law.