Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines

wire straightening and cutting machine


Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines

for the Production of Straightened Rods

Made of Round Wire

Outline Features


Push and force rollers for wire bolster (simply pull rollers for R 13)

Vigorous rotating fixing framework

Superior cut


Independently determined infeed modules

Opening and shutting of the food rollers at the board

NEW: settings and capacity of the push and force roller

weight at the board


Diminishment of clamor and wear because of servo drive

Expanded number of cuts (choice R 23)

Cut Release

Physically movable discharge head (choice R 53)

Length measuring gadget (choice R 23, R 53)

Settled stop for short lengths (choice)

Length stop with electrical contact for length control amid

creation (choice R 23, R 53)


Lessened set-up times because of ergonomic access to all instruments

NEW: User-freindly shading Touch Screen with covers e, g.

Pole EASY cover: A determination of altered wire breadth and

wire sort is put away. The qualities for the rectifying proportion and

the weight of the food rollers are connected naturally.

What's more, the Operator can store their own particular sorts of wire.


Our Accomplishments for your Benefit

All the more effective while offering much additionally working


Minimized set-up times

Improved and dialect nonpartisan administrator direction

A few fractional utilization of the instruments of previons models

Enhanced working conditions because of administration

directions, electronically put away working


machines have been intended for the generation

of rectified and cut-off bars. They give

new specialized answers for expanding your yield and

improving expenses.

The standard gear of these machines incorporates up to

4 drives. As a choice, the machines can be fitted with

an extra push roller pair and a fixing framework

with a bigger dispersing to utilize the machines additionally in the bigger

measurement range.

Further choices are minimal rotors (R 23) and a uninhibitedly

selectable number of cuts (R 23) to build the yield,

and also distinctive expansion renditions for expanding the

machines' proficiency. Additionally, instruments and gadgets for

preparing profiles are additionally accessible if required.


For over 100 years the name STEPLEAD has remained for

the most noteworthy regarding quality desires, security guidelines

furthermore, specialized development in German assembling frameworks


Unwavering quality

Strict quality controls, best in class generation frameworks

furthermore, numerous years of experience ensure that your

speculation is in safe hands. Our worldwide administration system

guarantees high accessibility of STEPLEAD hardware.


High creation yield and a long administration life will spare

cash and abbreviate the amortization time of your speculation.

Throughout the years there have been a few methodologies brought to fix wire with each in its own particular manner determining certain

issues or issues that were experienced when attempting to frame something from the wire. A considerable lot of these methodologies

keep on being utilized despite the fact that the necessities of advanced wire shaping applications have developed past the point

were they can make progress. This archive will address the hypothesis and practices to consider when attempting to

fix both base material wire and uncommon wire amalgams delivered for more cutting edge applications.

Ordinarily wire is fixed by control. The two broadly utilized techniques are the "move" style straightener and the

"rotating" style. The essential methodologies that every style takes is shown beneath. The turning technique is by a long shot the most ideal way

to rectify wire yet is extremely costly to execute, is moderate, and can leave blemishes on the wire called "hairdresser poling"

which seem winding in nature if not set up accurately. On account of the move straightener the wire is moved or constrained

to cross a course around move heading like a skier running a slalom course. The wire is twisted past its versatile point and

at that point diverted to a fixed state. On account of the turning style the rectifying rolls are pivoted around the wire

as it is pulled through the gadget. The rotational pace and bearing of the moves and in addition the food velocity and pressure

esteem connected to the wire should all be painstakingly controlled to get great results. Move straighteners, on the other

hand, can be arranged with various planes that can create the same consequences of a rotating straightener however are less

costly, simple to set up and, contingent upon bearing choice, can be worked at velocities into the a huge number of feet per


The two records beneath give "tips" on the most proficient method to get the most ideal rectifying results. The primary rundown will give you "tips"

that ought to be connected paying little respect to style chose. The second rundown will give "tips" that identify with the two essential machine

styles accessible in the commercial center. The a greater amount of these included "tips" an item offers or can work with the better

execution will be.

Inputting bars creation information and retaining a few groups to be delivered in succession. - Visualizing creation status. - Adjusting generation speed through trimpots. - Controlling each machine parameter taking into account the measurement utilized. - Utilizing a "dynamic symptomatic" framework to check continually the proficiency of all the plant's gadgets. - Presetting the retention of the information identified with the every day work cycles (breadths prepared and day by day weights handled subdivided by distance across). - Presetting the historical backdrop of cautions with related remembrance of machine stop time and creation time. - Presetting for remote stacking through outside PC or optical peruser through serial port RS 232 (e.g. bar coder peruser).

• The managing support accessible in a few forms, permitting the accumulation and dispersion of fixed bars as indicated by the particular generation needs. The adaptation that incorporates the programmed arrangement gadget (discretionary) is especially appropriate for the creation of groups expected for welded network types of gear.